Oct 7, 2015:
Introduction Seminar (optional) and Symposium - 1st day


08:00-12:00   CMII/IPE Introduction Seminar (optional)

The Introduction Seminar gives a brief overview of the CMII/IPE model for Configuration Management. It is an ideal introduction into CMII.

icm-logo.jpgCMII is about changing faster and documenting better. It is about accommodating change and keeping requirements clear, concise and valid. This half-day seminar will quantify the resources being spent on corrective action. It will identify the root causes and provide the CMII solutions.

This seminar describes how physical item hierarchies can be used to break end-item products down into their most manageable increments and how a closed-loop change process is used to process changes and upgrade requirements.

It will describe how to categorize changes and process at least 75% of the total on a fast-track basis, the major cost drivers for changes and how those costs can be minimized.

Finally, it will describe the potential for using one common change process throughout the entire organization.

Carol Cotty, ConfigOnline - CMII South Africa

12:00-13:00   Registration and welcome coffee
13:00-13:15 00---Carol-Cotty00---Thomas-Schwartz  Welcome from organizer and master of ceremonies


Carol Cotty, ConfigOnline - CMII South Africa


 Thomas Schwartz, GfKM - CMII Europe - Germany

13:15-14:00 01 - Andrew-Wall The evolution of complex aerospace machines and the need for more rigorous control driving the application of CMII principles with 3 aerospace companies

Andrew Wall, Aerospace Configuration Consultants Ltd. - United Kingdom

14:00-14:45 02---Simon-Harris Implementation of CMII compliant software, Windchill V10


 Simon Harris, Ultra Electronics Limited - Sonar Systems - United Kingdom

14:45-15:15   Networking coffee break
15:15-16:00 03---Will-Van-Aarde CMII and Agile: There's a way to do it better - let's find it!


 Willmund van Aarde, VISA Card Inc. - South Africa

16:00-16:45 04---Michael-Donovan Crossrail – Managing the Configuration of the Asset Data Model


 Michael Donovan, Crossrail - United Kingdom

16:45-17:30 05---Guido-Weischedel CMII - One common CM language and rules


 Guido Weischedel, GfKM - CMII Europe - Germany

18:30-23:00   Get Together 

Oct 8, 2015:
Symposium 2nd Day


08:30-08:45 00---Carol-Cotty Welcome back by master of ceremonies


Carol Cotty, ConfigOnline - CMII South Africa

08:45-09:30 06---Rico-Verhage Configuration Management; the recipe


Rico Verhage, Cofely Energy & Infra - The Netherlands

09:30-10:15 07---Mark-Andrews Experiences of a CMII trainer


Mark Andrews, Delphi Electronics & Safety Europe - United Kingdom

10:15-10:45   Networking coffee break
10:45-11:30 08---Ruediger-Hornig A new global DevOps organization driving automation and software delivery


Ruediger Hornig, Varian Medical Systems Imaging Laboratory GmbH – Switzerland

11:30-12:15 09---Andy-Boothman Defining a change management process for effective change implementation


Andy Boothman, Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd - United Kingdom

12:15-13:15   Networking lunch break
13:15-14:15 00---Carol-Cotty05---Guido-Weischedel  Workshop: Intervention Resources as a Performance Metric

Intervention resources represent corrective action that should not have been necessary and include any time spent in a state of uncertainty about what to do and how to do it. Although total cost to an organization is huge, it is not measured.

Moderated by Carol Cotty and Guido Weischedel

14:15-14:45   Each workshop group to present workshop results
14:45-15:15   Networking coffee break
15:15-16:00 10---Andreas-Renker Configuration Management in the context of Internet of Things, Big Data, innovative 3D Visualisation and Augmented Reality

 Andreas Renker, allvisual ag - Switzerland

16:00   End of the CMII Europe 2015 Symposium